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Do you need the help of an organizing a corporate gala, holiday party, industry or sporting event? Don´t stress yourself out, you can let us organize an event for you, we can organize an event together or you can organize it yourself and we’ll help you with the facilities or services.​


Perfectly Planned

Organising a conference or meeting or other type of event can be complex, it’s important to get good advice and information that will help you to make the right choices. Our experienced, creative team help you to organize events that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.


10x Ultra Motivation

Recognition makes people feel good about themselves and motivates employees to keep up the good work. We are here to support and inspire you with creative ideas for an epic event concept that will motivate your staff to corporate goals.


Absolutely Genius Ideas

Would you like to go back to the Middle Ages and take part in the Count of May tournament or to dress up in mafia style and turn into Al Capone,  visit great places of the world such as Paris or Hollywood, or re-create bygone eras of the Roaring 20s or a time when pirates sailed the seven seas? Our team will help you transform a space into a wonderland, with incredible food, delicious drinks and fabulous entertainment.


Stunning and memorable

The Old Town of Tallinn belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List. A big part of the town still looks like in the year 1490! Become part of this show with us or join us in our famous Soviet Tour with uniformed KGB officer comrade Justinoff and given a ride in an authentic, Soviet-era bus, vodka shot before being hauled off to prison!  Or take part in a new premium dining experience – private mystical dinner with the monks in Old Monastery Cloister or in a a bog with walk in the forest, mystical creatures and elves that live here.  This is moment where human beings get closer to the life of our ancestors.


Exceeding Expectations

Blue Drum offers entertainment for special occasions and weddings, so you don’t have to stress about anything – we take all the hassle out! From your initial event brief to sitting down at your sumptuous celebration, we will deliver one-of-a-kind memories you’ll never forget!  It is our job to understand your vision and sense of style, then tailor-make an extraordinary environment just for you.


Twist & Intelligent Humor ​

From 2006 Blue Drum is working closely for the main cruise companies that enter to the port of Tallinn, delivering the best entertainment tours, stops and theatrical performances in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian). Are you cruising as a large group or a smaller, family or incentive group, our dedicated team will help you plan the perfect itinerary to make the most of your time in Tallinn, Riga or Helsinki.


Authentically Local

This gastronomic adventures starts in one of truly authentic Estonian cuisine restaurants in the heart of Tallinn.  Our guests come here in order to taste and learn more about Estonian bizarre cuisine. Presenter in national costume introduces authentic Estonian food such as meat in jelly, pig’s tongue, legs, tail and brains, black pudding and kama dessert accompanied by a variety of Estonian drinks.


Efficient and Unconventional

Planning for a promotional event, especially if you’re a small business, can be a challenging project but usually achieves tremendous results if done right. We can help you create the event to promote your company as a whole, a new product launch, or a partnership that opens up a whole new segment of customers for a business to sell to. ​


Extensive Local Knowledge

We work closely with all national and international partners to promote Baltic States and Finland as a sustainable, world-class destinations. Our carefully selected suppliers help us to deliver a unique approach to introduce our destinations in entertaining way. Thorough regional experience and cultural understanding makes us your perfect MICE partner in Baltic States and Finland.

High-tech tourist games

A smash hit among Blue Drum's offerings is our hilarious, interactive exploration games where groups use iPads to navigate around an area, find animated and non-animated checkpoints, and may risk having their heads chopped off. Can be arranged in any place, space or country or theme.

Nature with bugs or without

Do you want to go primitive and stay in a tent or enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a luxury hotel? The choice is yours! Whether exploring deep forests, kayaking along rivers, sailing on serene lakes or touring mysterious peat bogs, visitors will find plenty of options for escaping the tensions of urban life.


500 years back in time

If there's one must-see attraction in Estonia's capital, it's Old Town, the medieval district that accounts for so much of the city's past-meets-future appeal. As your group makes its way through the curving, cobblestone streets, you'll be met by mystical heroes from times past, sample medieval food and partake in secret tastings


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The Soviet tour was terrific! Entertaining, yet very informative and meaningful to hear first hand what freedom means to those who grew up without it and then finally achieved it. I wish more Americans, especially younger ones could hear your story. Thanks for a wonderful time in Estonia. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and candidate in the United States Republican presidential primaries


Огромное спасибо за мероприятие, мы все в восторге! Очень ответственная была девушка от агентства, она нас встретила, отвела, все показала. Сам парень экскурсовод супер, шикарный рассказчик, отличный английский. Сама программа очень интересная, веcело, с шутками, 2 часа пролетели незаметно, хотя не очень повезло с погодой. Ну и дегустация пива в конце была очень к теме. Сама организация и проведение экскурсии очень всем понравились. ATH American Express GBT


Suur suur aitäh kogu teie tiimile veelkord! Jäime väga rahule ja nautisime kogu protsessi. Tubli töö teie tiimi poolt, oli väga meeldiv koostööd teha 🙂

Emotsioonid on kõigil “laes” ja ütleme nii, et sellise kõrge tasemega peokorraldust pole siinkandis ennem nähtud.  Uskumatu, et lihtsast töökoja hoonest sai sellise “show arena” teha. Kõige enam olid üllatunud oma töökoja inimesed. Kahju, et see üritus kuidagi ruttu otsa sai. Columbus Eesti AS, Prenton OÜ


Fantastic actors! Together with a Norwegian group we had an unforgettable show with these guys! We will be back!! Big thank you from Kjetils Bussreiser!
Anja Kleven, Kjetils Bussreiser


Aitäh imetoreda ja meeleoluka päeva eest. Tõeliselt armas on Teiega koostööd teha, tagasiside on osalejate poolelt väga positiivne ja tunnustav. Välja ei ole toodud midagi sellist, mis võiks teisiti olla… Omade käest on samuti olnud positiivne tagasiside. Oli tõeliselt tore ja vaatame varsti ka järgmise suve üle.. ON24 AS


Thank you very much for an excellent weekend. Unexpected welcome, your show in the hotel and in the bus. The tasks in the prison were well done! We also liked Ipad game. We saw so much more and it was perfect during slow Sunday.  You are great.

Paola Caicedo, Dvergsdal Bouvet Norge AS


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